The profession of Massage and Spa CMS Training Therapy dates back prior to the development of traditional medical practices. Today Massage Therapy has evolved to what is now known as complimentary health care and includes many specialty areas. The term holistic, is often used to describe learned techniques that influence the body, mind and spirit. At CMS, students learn a wide variety of specialty techniques and become very confident in their applications. Students that successfully complete the training are awarded a full diploma in either Massage or Spa therapy or a combination of the two.

CMS Massage and TherapyCMS Massage and Therapy

With many Massage Schools in Massachusetts, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. At Central Mass School, the Professional Massage Training programs offered provide graduates with unlimited employment opportunities in established clinic's, spa's, medical offices, etc. Some graduates may wish to develop a practice of their own, and we find that many graduates do just that.

Career training in Massage and Spa Therapy is among one of the fastest expanding fields in complimentary healthcare, and all indications predict it will continue to evolve well into the future.

In order to maintain a professional standard, many states implement licensing examinations for Massage graduates that test competencies of practitioners. As one of the leading Massage Schools in Massachusetts, our goal at CMS is to prepare you to successfully complete these exams and prepare you for a successful profession.

The future is bright and the timing is perfect to be among the well-trained and respected practitioners in complimentary healthcare.