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For 40 years, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and College (ACCSC ) has been committed to establishing and advancing quality education at private, post secondary career schools and colleges. ACCSC is dedicated to ensuring a quality education for more than 220,000 students who annually pursue career education at more than 800 ACCSC accredited institutions.  

ACCSC has been recognized by the United States Department of Elementary & Secondary Education as a reliable authority for the establishment of educational standards since 1967. ACCSC ’s scope of recognition includes the accreditation of private, post secondary, non-degree-granting institutions and degree-granting institutions in the United States, including those granting associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees, that are predominantly organized to educate students for occupational, trade and technical careers, and including institutions that offer programs via distance education.

ACCSC’s mission is to serve as a reliable authority on educational quality and to promote enhanced opportunities for students by establishing, sustaining, and enforcing valid standards and practices which contribute to the development of a highly trained and competitive workforce through quality career oriented education.

There are many benefits to accreditation. Among them, accreditation encourages continuous efforts to achieve maximum educational effectiveness, provides an assurance of acceptable quality, and establishes eligibility for participation in federally funded programs including student financial aid. Many factors influence and reflect the quality of post secondary education. ACCSC assesses the effectiveness of an institution’s educational programs by evaluating the infrastructure that supports the delivery of programs as well as educational outcomes, including student achievement.

ACCSC accreditation is a means of assisting private career schools and colleges to become stronger and better institutions by setting standards of educational quality, and supports the efforts of institutions to achieve maximum educational effectiveness for students, employers and the public. ACCSC accreditation is a voluntary process that requires institutions to maintain high educational standards and ethical business practices. ACCSC’s accreditation process is a comprehensive review of all academic and ancillary activities and resources that support an institution’s educational objectives and the programs it offers. The accreditation process is the cornerstone of ACCSC ’s ability to continually ensure the high quality of education in our accredited member schools.