Having recently lost my job of 13 years, I decided to explore various career fields. I have always enjoyed helping others so I decided to learn more about a career in massage and therapy. So I contacted the Central Mass School of Massage & Spa Therapy and met with the staff. I liked the hands on learning approach for all the classes and especially pleased to find that at CMS we learn massage and spa therapy from the medical prospective. I also learn that the program was approved by the Division of Unemployment and Training, this greatly helped with tuition. After enrolling I never missed a class and really enjoyed what I was learning. The staff always reassured me and supported me throughout the program and after I graduated as well. I believe Central Mass School and the great instructors were the best ever, now I work full time doing what I learned and enjoy helping people. I definitely would advise anyone seeking a people oriented career to give this one a try and I feel that by doing so they will succeed if they are serious and committed.

- Kathy Waz, LMT

We are a husband and wife team who graduated from CMS in October 2005. After being out of school for a little over a year we are already the owners and operators of a full time massage business! Shortly after graduation we began seeking employment from spas, salons, chiropractors and everywhere else. Quickly it became apparent that if we wanted to support ourselves with just massage we would need to start our own business. We became driven, motivated and passionate about letting as many people know about massage as possible. We realized that we couldn’t merely “sell” massage, we had to sell ourselves. People put a lot of trust into the hands of any health care provider and massage is no exception. Presenting ourselves as professionals, taking continuing educations and caring for our clients’ individual needs has been the key to our success. When we first started with less than 10 clients and an empty schedule it would have been easy to quit. But nothing worth doing is ever easy. We stayed the course and it was the best decision we ever made. We are now both able to do massage full time and maintain an income to support ourselves. Every month our business grows and the longer we are in the field the more grateful we are for the excellent teachers and support we had at CMS.

- Randy & Rebecca Ames


I graduated from the Central Mass School of Massage in 2001. During the admissions processes the staff was very helpful, they were able to set up a payment plan that fit my budget. While I was a student the teachers were really accommodating when I needed extra help. Because of the teachers dedication to their students, when I graduated I had the right tools to be the best massage therapist that I can be. With my high skill level, when I graduated from school I was able to get a job working in a nail salon right out of school. Now, I work at an Aveda Spa and I am working toward becoming a Spa Educator for Aveda.

- Jessica
Charlton, MA