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Financial Aid

We know that Financial Aid is extremely important in allowing you to continue with your career goals. Our dedicated Financial Aid Officer will help you in obtaining the maximum allowable aid.*

Federal Student Aid Program Type of Aid Program Details Annual Award Limits
Federal Pell Grant Granted Award Repayment not required $400.00 - $4,551.00
Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans Loan Interest rate 3.4% $2,870.00
Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans Loan Interest rate 6.8% $4,920.00
Direct PLUS Loan Loan Interest rate 7.9% The difference between the cost of attendance and any other financial aid you received.

The amounts are verified on 12-12-2011*Financial Aid is available for those who qualify

Click here for US Department of Gainful Employment Information.

We encourage you to schedule your visit with us, and together we will help you secure additional Financial Help from other sources such as:

Foster Child Grant - provides grants up to $6,000.00 annually

Mass Grant

Part-Time Student Grant

Massachusetts Educational Rewards Grant Program

Massachusetts No Interest Loan (NIL)

Vermont Incentive Grant for our students who are residents of Vermont

RI State Grant for our students who are residents of Rhode Island

Veteran's Benefits - Veterans and their qualified dependents

Mass Rehab - Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission Tuition assistance

Section 30 Central Mass School of Massage & Therapy is an approved training facility for Section 30 - Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA). This means that claimants can continue to collect their Un-employment Insurance benefits while enrolled in an agency approved training.

Displaced (unemployed) individuals

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Net Price Calculator

NOTE: The Net Price Calculator does not necessarily represent all funding that you may qualify for.