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The Central Mass School was founded in 1970 by John R. St. Jacques, RMT. Prior to beginning the school, Mr. St. Jacques established a massage practice at his residence, known as the Pain- Free Clinic in the small town of North Brookfield, Massachusetts. He continued his education and soon earned a respectful reputation throughout the area. Mr. St. Jacques worked very hard and had an unquenchable desire to help people. As a result, over the years his practice flourished. Having achieved his dream he soon realized a great need to share his CMS Elaine Demonstrationknowledge with others and with that he opened The Central Mass School of Massage Therapy. His first classes were conducted in the living room of his home. With folding chairs and a homemade massage table, he shared his skills. Students would arrive to class and be greeted with coffee and homemade apple pie. For this was the traditional greeting at the St. Jacques home. As the profession evolved, many people traveled from great distances to receive his treatments and enroll in his classes. Eventually the school relocated to Spencer, Massachusetts. The St. Jacques family all worked together. Mrs. St. Jacques would often bake refreshments and paid particular attention to details. The two young children, Nancy and Greg helped as well.

CMS Massage and Therapy CMS Massage and Therapy

In 1980, having established many businesses and graduating from college, Greg joined his Father. Greg learned the profession and all aspects of school operations. In 2001, the school became incorporated as Central Mass School of Massage and Therapy, and still resides at 200 Main St, in Spencer, Massachusetts.

Strong family traditions are alive and well at CMS. Men and women of all ages are still greeted when they arrive and all are treated with utmost respect. In 1998, Greg assumed full Directorship and in 2001, Mr. St. Jacques retired from practice.

CMS is a warm, welcoming environment where learning Massage and Spa Therapy is enjoyable and personally rewarding. The pain-free clinic located in the upper level provides an inviting environment where clients find relief from stress, strain and muscular pain. Clients also enjoy selecting from our full menu of massage specialties and luxurious spa treatments as well.

You're invited to visit us, and experience for yourself why students and clients prefer CMS and the Pain-Free Clinic.