Our Learning Approach

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Massage and Spa Therapy training, Certified Nurse Assistant training and Home Health Care Aide training are enjoyable and rewarding programs to study at CMS.

Our learning approach at CMS is student friendly and designed for people that already have busy schedules at home and at work.

CMS Massage and Therapy CMS Massage and Therapy

Experienced instructors utilize unique, interactive learning approaches that motivate and encourage active student participation. As a result of 38 years of helping people with learning, we find that students embrace the concept of observing demonstration and each student having the opportunity to apply their skills on real bodies. The joy of learning Massage and Spa Therapy directly corresponds to understanding ourselves, our environment, and each other. Learning to serve others through our Nursing Assistant Training encourages personal and professional growth. Students that enroll in our training program vary in age– from 18 to over 67 years of age. Each student brings with them skills from many diverse career fields.

CMS provides a safe comfortable environment that encourages both personal and professional growth. Some people may have anxiety about returning back to school, especially if it has been many years since graduating high school or college. At CMS you will be pleasantly surprised and soon discover just how exciting it is to be learning again, exploring the possibilities, planning and most importantly learning how to help people with real health related challenges.