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Massage and Spa Therapies - Dual Degree Program

Our full diploma program in massage and spa therapy combines the best of two great professions. In response to the most recent trends within the industry, CMS has developed a training program of which prepares students for the present and the future. Years of experience in education indicate that students possessing multiple talents are by far most sought after by luxury spas, resorts, cruise ships and most importantly the general public. This unique program of interactive education is both enjoyable to learn and rewarding as a career. Every class is manageably structured therefore early enrollment is encouraged. Our full program is inclusive therefore previous medical training is not required. Students are required to participate in the learning directives of practicing and receiving all massage and spa services introduced.

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Massage Therapy Program

For 41 consecutive years CMS has continuously provided quality training in massage and therapy. Our focus is teaching people like yourself how to effectively help others. In relation to massage and therapy, this is one specialty field that will continue to grow as it has in the past. Students enrolled in our massage program gain a valuable understanding of professionalism and acquire essential knowledge specific to massage and bodywork. Prerequisite college courses are not required; this flexible program is designed for students already having busy schedule therefore many students find that they are able to balance a work schedule and classes simultaneously. The following program exceeds mandatory Massachusetts state requirements and placement assistance after graduation is available.

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